About Us

Back in the days...

Bout when girls was belling tight courderoys like for the boys basket weaves, Nike Cortez, and footsie socks and eating pickles, with tootsie pops…

I miss those days and so I pout like a grown jerk wishing all I had to do now, was finish homework It’s true, you don’t realize really what you got til it’s gone and I’m not gonna sing another sad song but sometimes I do sit and reminisce then think about the years I was raised, back in the days…

Success secret

Did you know that only the best, prettiest and highest quality products get onto our shelves and into our web shops? That’s how we make success trought the years!

Only the best

Our tight partnerships with the world’s top brands mean that we can always provide you with the most exclusive ranges of products currently available on the market.

Tolle is lifestyle

Last but not least, Tolle is an established trademark of the World fashion culture and the cotoure lifestyle. You know that most of our products can’t be found elsewhere.

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